Hi! I am Paloma T. Tatay

I design and draw emotions in your head through words.

A CEO arrives at a building. Employee department store, says the door sign. Find your ideal employee.

At the entrance is a notice: Start on the second floor and work your way up if you want to keep looking.

Floor by floor, he finds more and more complete employees:


Hard-working and intelligent.

Hard-working, intelligent and proactive.

Hard-working, intelligent, proactive and efficient.

Hard-working, intelligent, proactive, efficient and who share 100% your values, who believe in what you believe in.

He keeps going up because he wants to see if he can find someone even better.
At the end he reaches the top floor, where it says:

There are no more employees. This floor only exists to show that CEOs are never satisfied.


***(Time slot for you to laugh or feel outraged at unionism.)***


Now imagine that the CEO is satisfied with the one with the values. He arrives at the cashier to pay, and they tell him:

—The only condition is that you need to know exactly what your values are.

If you were that CEO, could you buy, or would you have to go back to your office empty-handed?

Don’t blame yourself, most CEOs (and people who work with them) could not buy.
Not knowing your values, or «believing» you know them, or not knowing how to prioritize them, causes an absolute lack of COHERENCE.
But there is another problem, even more lethal, that can exterminate all the work you do with them:
Not knowing how to transmit them or inspire with them. That means:

I am not going to tell you what your values are. Your values are like your years, they belong to you and no one else. That job is yours. My specialty is to BRING THE BEST OUT OF THEM.

Let me tell you:

The basis of every business is ideas.

What about sales?

Sales is nothing; IDEAS.

Here’s how it works:

1- Have good ideas.

2- Bring them together with your values, so that something sticks to them.

3-  Write down the result so that it makes sense.

4- Sell

Well, this is what I do: Have good ideas, put them together with your values and transmit them.

The result?


Just like that?

Just like that.

And that’s it?

And that’s it.

If you have good ideas, clear values, and you know how to create the right emotion at the right time for the right person, only one thing can happen: they will buy from you.



Paloma Tomás Tatay


I am a very impatient, curious person with an almost obsessive eagerness to learn, share and do cool things.
I am dedicated to written communication focused on people; I have been studying human behavior for years and over time I have discovered a trick that never fails:
It’s much easier to reach out to others and gain their trust when our values are aligned!

Why are values so important?

One’s values are a fundamental part of human behavior; so much so that according to the famous entrepreneur and researcher Simon Dolan, when one does not act in accordance with one’s values in a systematic way, the brain can become sick, causing depression, frustration, insecurity, anxiety, stress and even death.

That’s why it’s so important to focus on living and transmitting the values that give you stability… and give it to others.

When someone doesn’t live by their values, when someone «isn’t real,» it shows.




And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.

— «What is essential is invisible to the eye,» the little prince repeated, so that he would be sure to remember.

And how does one see with the heart?

By taking time.

Not to you, as the gurus of vacuum-packed happiness suggest. To people.

Humans are sensitive beings. We seek security and affection.

But we have created a society that is governed by just the opposite:

People say things for the sake of saying, do things for the sake of doing, look without seeing, and hear without listening. They make lifelong commitments every two years, and think that running away from their own thoughts and feelings is a guarantee of peace.

People are no longer the purpose. We are the means.

Retreats, writing, meditation (and my children), to whichI have been devoted for the last 4 years, have led me to discover exactly what people need: Traces of affection.

Traces of affection transmitted in words that are drawn and remain in the brain, is what I give to the people who read me.

I know how to do this using 2 techniques:

– Interested in the first one? You can make a tasting by leaving your email HERE.
– If you are interested in the second: You just need to know that I have first-hand knowledge of French, Anglo-Saxon and German culture.

Not from films, not from erasmus friends, not from books, not from news; no. First hand, from working and studying side by side with them for a long time. Day after day, being part of their lifes.

This is the second quality necessary to transmit interculturally.

We have already mentioned the first one: knowledge of the Human Mind. 


3 companies, 3 countries...

I currently work as a freelancer organising international retreats and creating guides to live more «at ease with your life». I also create websites (like this one) with the aim of monetising them by recommending products that meet my standards.

The past is past and now I am a different person, with different capabilities. But since it’s usually interesting, I’ll share the professional achievements that have contributed the most to me and to the last companies to which I have «sold» almost all my time (and to which I will be infinitely grateful for what they have given me personally and professionally).

*You can visit my Linkedin profile for more details on the performance of tasks.

Logo BNI Espana
Key Achievements

1/ To have proposed and successfully carried out the launch of the BNI Spain SLC Webinars Programme (with webinars with more than 700 attendees), in order to:

a) Get closer to our clients through training and direct contact.

b) Quickly detect challenges in the different regions.

c) Impregnate our clients with the «BNI culture» and help them to squeeze us.


2/ To have proposed and successfully launched the Podcast programme Somos BNI, to:

(a) Bring the figure of the CEO closer to our members.

b) Reinforce the culture and pillars of BNI through interviews, stories and testimonials from directors and other members.

3/ To have successfully launched and implemented 2 tools created by BNI HQ (in the USA):

(a) BNI CONNECT APP: Launch and translation into Spanish of an App to connect BNI companies internationally.

b) BNI UNIVERSITY: Launch, creation, translation and content management of this platform dedicated to online training for all our Spanish-speaking clients.

AS A RESULT OF THESE AND OTHER ACTIONS: To have participated directly in the significant increase of Members and loyalty by developing side by side with the CEO a strategy based on 3 pillars:

1- Fill groups (At the end of 2015 we were already the best country in the world launching groups of entrepreneurs).

2- Build member loyalty (At the end of 2017 we achieved a rating of 50 following the NPS rating system in terms of the quality of our service).

3- Increase the average number of members per group. (By the end of 2019 our average number of members per group had increased from 25 to 42).

image (1)
Key Achievements

1/ Successfully presented ontime a complicated project for the NGO focused on human rights in countries such as Iran with the aim of getting funding for one year:

  • The response was so positive that we had to readapt it to 5 years of funding.

2/ Development and launch of the website and social networks. (Facebook and Twitter).

3/ Actively participating (by translating and drafting documents) in the acceptance of 5 Iranian families as political refugees by the Bayern Bundesland.

4/ Gaining the absolute trust of the most determined, dedicated and courageous person I have ever met: Tania Kaliji, Iranian activist, former political refugee for her tireless defence of women’s freedom rights, and doctor.

Logo Melia Vendôme
Key Achievements

1/ To have gained the trust of my superiors to be the «hostess» of personalities such as Amancio Ortega, Custo Barcelona, Fernando Alonso, (among other Spanish political figures).

2/ To have gained enough confidence to be responsible for communicating certain «unforeseen events» in the management of the hotel to our clients.

3/ Having been able to help improve the hotel management as assistant manager:

  • Preparation of documentation for Sol Meliá France audits.
  • To have contributed to the improvement of the quality of customer service through personalised complaint management.


What am I good at?


Like a Marie Kondo of projects, I bring out everything a project carries, sort through it and reflect on the areas where it will have an impact. Then I clean up, tidy up, and get rid of ``the junk``. This helps me to guarantee idyllic timings and the best results.


Connecting with others is simple and natural. It is as easy as letting them speak and listening with your heart. There will come a time when, without realising it, they will have told you their most veiled wishes. (I also understand veiled wishes in English, French and German).


I study the best channels, shapes and colours to create messages that stick in the reader's brain like resin.
Storytelling is my favourite strategy. (I am able to do this also in English and French).


Creativity in my world equals fun and necessity. Whether it's drawing pictures in brains or developing the simplest project (tidying up a cupboard). CREATIVITY equals SOLUTION.


Lifelong learning is one of the best ways to develop personally and professionally. Reading, training, and developing new skills are all part of a successful personal and professional life.


Change is challenging and allows you to develop versatility, adaptability, responsiveness, autonomy. Flexibility is part of the ability to be proactive in facing challenges.



Mother tongue ⇒ SPANISH

2nd native language ⇒ VALENCIAN /CATALAN


Intercultural experience
10 alternating months in London, Dublin and Vancouver

Level ⇒ C2 accredited

  • Numerous courses in Spain and abroad during all my studies
  • Specialisation in Translation and Interpreting (Language B)

Language experience: 

  • Freelance Translator (EN, FR, GER > SP)
  • Translator and interpreter as part of my responsibilities throughout my career.


Exchange and work experience
2 years in Paris (Sep 2008 - Sep 2010)

Level ⇒ C2 accredited

  • Degree in French Language and Civilisation (Sorbonne University)
  • Degree in Commercial French (Alliance Française)

Language experience:

  • Erasmus 6 months in Tourism and International Trade (Université Paris- Est Créteil)
  • Nanny
  • Receptionist and Assistant Manager at the Hotel Melia Vendôme (Jul, 2009 – Sep, 2010)


Exchange and work experience
2 years in Munich (Feb 2013 - Jul 2015)

Level ⇒ C2 accredited

  • Language C in Translation and Interpreting (UEM)
  • Diploma in German Language and Culture (Goethe Institut)
  • Degree in Business Management (Servef)

Language experience:

  • Erasmus 6 months – Specialisation in translation of technical texts (Sprachen und Dolmetscher Institut)
  • Shop assistant Hollister Co./ Translator at Lions Club / English, French and Spanish teacher at Interactiva and Sprachshule Aktiv
  • Project Manager at Association for Human Rights Peace and Freedom (May, 2014 – Jul, 2015)


Digital tools I master

Digital Marketing

• Social Media > Facebook; Instagram; Facebook Studio; Youtube; Twitter; Linkedin; Pinterest; SocialGest

• DESIGN TOOLS > Canva; Paint 3D; Snapsheed; Unfold; (Basic Notions: Adobe Photoshop; Indesign,)

• WEB TOOLS (SEO Y ANALYSIS) > Google analytics; GTMetrix; Google Search Console; Keysearch; WordPress; Google URL Shortener; Google Trends; Hubspot

• EMAIL MARKETING > Mailchimp; Mailrelay; Mailpoet

Microsoft Office 365

Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook, Access, Teams


• Salesforce
• Zendesk
• Dynamics 365

CAT Tools

• Paquete SDL 2009 (Trados Studio, Passolo, Multiterm)
• Wordfast
• Aegisub
• SubtitleWorkshop

Programas Hoteleros

• Sihot
• Fidelio


Here's how I work

I mentioned flexibility as one of my strengths; I adapt the procedures to each company and project. But in general, this simple working guide is the one that best suits most projects.

1. I investigate

First I research the company (its values, language and objectives). Then I research the context and the markets in which it operates in order to pinpoint its needs.

2. I identify the desired position of the company.

I define THE GOAL and identify the best channels and strategies to reach it.

3. I trace the route... and launch!

I define a roadmap marking the different check-points and who are the right players to follow it. As soon as it is ready... I launch!

4. Developing a follow-up strategy

Accountability should be one of the values of companies. It is therefore necessary to clearly define objectives and to have players committed to results.

5. I check and rectify

Flexibility is crucial, and no path is free of stones: it is important to continually check and retrace through shortcuts or detours at points that prevent us from moving forward efficiently. It is also important to listen to the players in regular meetings.

6. Evaluation

We evaluate the results obtained, the timings, and the behaviour of each of the defined strategies versus what was established at the beginning of the project. It is essential to evaluate in order to learn.


Don't just take my word for it



How can I help you?

I love my personal project and sharing my retreats with others, in person and online.

But I also love to share the projects and dreams of other people and companies.

Do you think I can help you?

Paloma Tomás



Valencia/ Barcelona, España

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